PIONEERING, INGENIOUS and ILLUMINATING are just a few words that best describe this Celebrity Makeup Artist/Groomer and Beauty Expert.  Celebrated as a gifted makeup artist, Tia Dantzler, is set to rise to unforeseen heights.


She entered the world of beauty of whim.  Who would have thought that by being persuaded into doing makeup for a buoyant bride, Dantzler would have a date with destiny.  She innately pursued this passion by making the faces of her family, friends and the people she knew best.  Determined to follow her heart, quickly she began carving an ever expanding niche in the beauty industry.


Her work can be seen gracing the covers and pages of the world's most premier magazines such as Vogue, Life, GQ, Vanity Fair, Essence, InStyle and GLAMOUR to name a few.  Some of her noteworthy clients include President Barack Obama, Jennifer Hudson, Maxwell, Viola Davis, Magic Johnson, Kanye West and many more.  Dantzler travels the world depositing her artistic touch upon many projects within a variety of genres, including, Film, Television, Music Video, Advertising Campaigns, Press Junkets and of course the Red Carpet.


Her portfolio flourishes with amazing collaborations with a host of famed photographers, among them are Annie Liebovitz, Matthew Rolston, Peggy Sirota, James White and Robert Errdman.


Tia Dantzler encompasses incredible talent and an effervescent personality.  "I love helping people realize the beauty that they already possess."  Her mastership is making an impact that cannot be erased.

Tia Dantzler Presents Red Carpet Beauty Secrets...

Unleash your star power with Tia Dantzler’s first instructional DVD, “Red Carpet Beauty Secrets.” Celebrity makeup artist Tia Dantzler has dazzled magazine covers and the red carpet for over a decade by using her signature artistry on some of the most famous faces in the world, including President Barack Obama and the triple-threat, multiple award-winning superstar Jennifer Hudson.


Tia Dantzler's work can be seen gracing the red carpet of some of the most prestigious award shows such as The Academy Awards, Golden Globes Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, NAACP Awards and The Grammy Awards to name a few. In this instructional DVD, Dantzler shows you step-by-step techniques to help you achieve your flawless red carpet look. By investing in this instructional DVD, you will learn how to achieve a flawless look minus the glam squad budget. Included is a bonus booklet, where Tia shares more of her famous tips and tricks.

Here's a sneak peak!